Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What a weekend.

As I suspected, a considerable part of my trip to Dallas was consumed by video games and the like. On Thursday night, we went to Dave and Busters in Frisco. Although we won, at considerable expense, 10,000 (not a typo) tickets, it was a bitter sweet occasion. In the past, my family has been absolutely giddy with excitement (and more than a few beers for me & dh) at D&Bs-- or any place of similar amusements. This time, it seemed as though my 17 year-old son had finally finished enjoying this kind of family fun. The same was true the next day when we went to a giant Malibu racecar track. I was really sad that the end of his childhood was looming. Finally, I realized that at 17, I never went anywhere with my family and had my own seperate life. I tried to be happy that he was with us at all. Did I mention that he is almost 6 feet tall, has hair down to the middle of his back, wears a 13 shoe and is the best debator in Oklahoma at the present time? I miss my baby, but celebrate the man.

On a more positive note, I did sneak out of the hotel and into the Galleria---- where I got a terrific pedicure. Actually, since I was given 3 glasses of wine, any pedicure would have been good.

On Saturday, we allowed Hairboy (Son 1) to drive the Maniac (Son 2) and himself home a day early. (Because DH wanted to work late, we took two cars. So much for economy.) They stayed home by themselves and did not cause any trouble at all-- or at least none that we were able to discover. DH glued himself in front of the TV-- March Madness you know--- and settled in for the day. I drove to Plano and went to the Woolie Ewe. Actually, I think I died and went to heaven.

There are no words to describe my pleasure!!!!! There is nothing in the entire State of Oklahoma that comes close to this shop. We have one really good one in Guthrie, but not as good as this. Now here comes the good part---- After paying for my purchases, and they were numerous, I (who rarely shuts up) was chatting away with one of the owners of the shop when we suddenly discovered not only that we had been in the same high school class, but that we had also been friends!!!! What a thrill. I can't wait to go back.

OK-- here's the real knitting content. On the trip, I took the Brooks Farm Yarn that I bought for Clapotis and did not use--- see prior posts (got carried away by Red Heart before the good stuff arrived). I cast on at least 4 different lace projects. None were good. At the WE, I bought an Oat Coutour pattern for Laguna. Its a very simple tunic looking tee shirtish sweater that has built in sleeves. It was a perfect match with my yarn. The back is almost finished. Maybe a picture tomorrow.

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Wanda said...

That's great that you had such a positive experience at Wooly Ewe. I believe I posted to you on AK about yarn shops in the area. That was my favorite one when I lived in the N.Dallas area. Although I do like the one in Guthrie too. Even nicer that one of the owners and you went to the same HS and were friends. That's pretty awesome.