Thursday, March 09, 2006


Maybe I found them? This is the Crazy Eight that I did a month or two ago. Given the bulky nature of the yarn, two strands of some very nice cotton held together, I decided that I had to make it much longer to suit my ample personage. I am not quite as fat as this picture makes me look and the sweater is very nice.

Kiri-- Easy lace, wonderful fun.

I did this scarf for the International Scarf Exchange. It is the multidirectional scarf from the Yahoo Group out of Noro Silk Garden. It turned out well.

And Now it is March.

Well, I have no excuse. I compulsively read blogs everyday. I would list them, but then I would have to learn how to link to them. I have been really knitting alot lately, but I cannot find my pictures. I am the biggest idiot on the planet. I have Kodak software and cannot find the fucking pictures. I finally knit a sweater that fit-- and took a picture. I knit the Cable Eight from IK, but I knit it at least twice as long for my ample personage and..... it actually looks good. But I can't find where the pictures are stored. I also knit Kiri in a fushia Kidsilk Haze and who knows what else-- its all in the pictures. Maybe someday I will figure out where the heck they are. On my previous computer, I knew how to post them, but not now.

In other news, my oldest boy has been accepted at the University of Texas at Austin, which we were really sweating. They only admitted 4% out of state freshman last year and you know that included all sports. Debate is not really a priority. We can actually afford UT, so it made it easier to let him consider to consider Wake Forest. We are set to visit on March 19, as he is a finalist for a Presidential Scholarship for Special Distinction. Younger son is really getting into debate, but he will have big shoes to fill.

I have been compulsively reading blogs lately. I wish that I lived closer to some of the great women that share their lives with all of us. I don't have a SNB locally or anything like it. Every group that I know of in the general area is made up of "newbies" (does anyone else hate that word like I do?) who just want help knitting novelty scarves. Oh well, I am healthy, reasonably weathy (if you consider yarn options owned) and wise enough to stay away from these groups. Maybe someday I will venture to one of the Stitches venues or other fiber venue. I can only hope.