Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bad Week For No Good Reason

I am having a bad week and I don' know why. Although I lost another toe nail(!!!! same toe, other foot), got a brand new car that my husband has mostly driven since it arrived, have been chewed out by a judge for missing a hearing (I was in the wrong courtroom, thank you secretary), I don't think any of these things are the reason. I just want to cry and any slight thing has got me watering up. I hate feeling like this. I have been looking forward to Friday all week, hoping for good weather. This is my inviolate, everybody knows that its Friday so come over to my house and drink all day by the pool day. Husbands hate it, those late afternoon hangovers don't do much for family time later, but by god, we love it!! I bought 6-- yes, 6, bottles of Beringer's White Merlot in preparation for the day. This is not a typo. White Merlot. Smoother than white zinfindale and plenty sweet. Stands up to a glass of ice and an ambiant temperature of 80+ degrees. Plus--- at $4.05 a bottle, purchased at Tom Thumb in Plano, Texas with case discount and customer loyalty card--- you just can't beat it. It is chilling nicely in the pool fridge, where it will remain for another week. His majesty has a golf match at 12:30 tomorrow and a pretrial conference at 1:30. Guess who gets to go back to the courtroom where she was throughly embarrased today? Me!! No wine for you today.

Oh well. I have to get over this feeling. As you can tell from this post and many previous posts, I have a great life. I just can't figure out why I want to cry.