Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Red Hearted Monster is Complete!!!!!!

Well--- at long last-- the monster is finished. After much angst and anguish, along with lots of stopping and hating and starting again, I have finished Clapotis or the Clapogan as my little project has been titled. In case anyone has forgotton, I started this KAL project before I obtained yarn that I ordered specifically for the project from Brooks Farm. I couldn't wait, so I grabbed a hank of Red Heart and went to town. I thought I would just explore the pattern, but then I never stopped. Because of the weight of the yarn, I increased to a 10.5 needle. I also knit at such a loose gauge that a truck could drive through my stitches. All thoughts such as the potential size of the finished project flew out of my pointy little head. And so, I have this as a result!! Please note the computer, legal files, magazines and other assorted stuff. This photo was taken on my queen sized desk.


Robbyn said...

Your Clapotis is spectacular! I think the size is awesome :) I have some of that variegated colorway too - gorgeous! Any idea how much yarn it took?

Ev said...

The colourway is beautiful. A little big for a shawl, perhaps, but still something nice to curl up in on a chilly night (if the dogs are otherwise engaged?). I'm sure you're glad it's finished. :)