Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nothin happning!

Not much to speak of at this time. I was in Memphis on Wednesday and Thursday, and wanted to take a picture of me not going to Graceland, but i never found Graceland. We drove the 7 hour trip in my Saab convertible, listing to The Devil and the White City-- a tremendous book for listening. In fact, we listened the whole trip and didn't finish. I can't wait to hear the end. I looked for any LYS but only found poverty and squalor. I finally drove to Tunica just to get out of the ghetto. I don't think that I like Memphis, although I will do more research before I go again. We leave on Monday for Las Vegas. Hubby is playing in a golf tournament, so hopefully, I'll get to lay at the pool and knit. Did I mention that my #1 son, Hairboy, just won the west regional in debate and goes into the State Debate tourny as the #1 seed from this region? Also, #2 son, the maniac, just won second place in #1 doubles at his first tennis tournament. You have to love having talented kids.

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