Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nothin happning!

Not much to speak of at this time. I was in Memphis on Wednesday and Thursday, and wanted to take a picture of me not going to Graceland, but i never found Graceland. We drove the 7 hour trip in my Saab convertible, listing to The Devil and the White City-- a tremendous book for listening. In fact, we listened the whole trip and didn't finish. I can't wait to hear the end. I looked for any LYS but only found poverty and squalor. I finally drove to Tunica just to get out of the ghetto. I don't think that I like Memphis, although I will do more research before I go again. We leave on Monday for Las Vegas. Hubby is playing in a golf tournament, so hopefully, I'll get to lay at the pool and knit. Did I mention that my #1 son, Hairboy, just won the west regional in debate and goes into the State Debate tourny as the #1 seed from this region? Also, #2 son, the maniac, just won second place in #1 doubles at his first tennis tournament. You have to love having talented kids.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What a weekend.

As I suspected, a considerable part of my trip to Dallas was consumed by video games and the like. On Thursday night, we went to Dave and Busters in Frisco. Although we won, at considerable expense, 10,000 (not a typo) tickets, it was a bitter sweet occasion. In the past, my family has been absolutely giddy with excitement (and more than a few beers for me & dh) at D&Bs-- or any place of similar amusements. This time, it seemed as though my 17 year-old son had finally finished enjoying this kind of family fun. The same was true the next day when we went to a giant Malibu racecar track. I was really sad that the end of his childhood was looming. Finally, I realized that at 17, I never went anywhere with my family and had my own seperate life. I tried to be happy that he was with us at all. Did I mention that he is almost 6 feet tall, has hair down to the middle of his back, wears a 13 shoe and is the best debator in Oklahoma at the present time? I miss my baby, but celebrate the man.

On a more positive note, I did sneak out of the hotel and into the Galleria---- where I got a terrific pedicure. Actually, since I was given 3 glasses of wine, any pedicure would have been good.

On Saturday, we allowed Hairboy (Son 1) to drive the Maniac (Son 2) and himself home a day early. (Because DH wanted to work late, we took two cars. So much for economy.) They stayed home by themselves and did not cause any trouble at all-- or at least none that we were able to discover. DH glued himself in front of the TV-- March Madness you know--- and settled in for the day. I drove to Plano and went to the Woolie Ewe. Actually, I think I died and went to heaven.

There are no words to describe my pleasure!!!!! There is nothing in the entire State of Oklahoma that comes close to this shop. We have one really good one in Guthrie, but not as good as this. Now here comes the good part---- After paying for my purchases, and they were numerous, I (who rarely shuts up) was chatting away with one of the owners of the shop when we suddenly discovered not only that we had been in the same high school class, but that we had also been friends!!!! What a thrill. I can't wait to go back.

OK-- here's the real knitting content. On the trip, I took the Brooks Farm Yarn that I bought for Clapotis and did not use--- see prior posts (got carried away by Red Heart before the good stuff arrived). I cast on at least 4 different lace projects. None were good. At the WE, I bought an Oat Coutour pattern for Laguna. Its a very simple tunic looking tee shirtish sweater that has built in sleeves. It was a perfect match with my yarn. The back is almost finished. Maybe a picture tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Off to Dallas

Not much to say today. I am working on the appeal of a property settlement in a divorce action. I hate working on anything to do with divorce. Nothing brings out greed and averous like money and family-- or ex-family as the case may be. I am bored with everything that I am currently knitting and at very loose ends with Clappygan finished. Why is it that when you are working on something that you are bound and determined to finish, every other project calls your name? I want to work on my Ruana, but it takes so many different yarns, it is not really portable and I need something to work on in the car. Dallas is just over 3 hours away, so some good sitting and knitting time.

Last words about the Clappygan, then I am moving on for sure. I used almost three full skeins of Red Heart. That is a lot of yarn. I did all the increase rows as the pattern requires. After dropping the 9th ladder, I started the decrease sections-- worked completely according to the pattern. I probably would be over 10 feet long if I had completed all of the straight rows as written.

I Need Inspiration!!!! I'll let you know how the weekend with the kiddo and DH in Dallas turns out. We will probably spend every waking minute at Dave & Buster's.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Red Hearted Monster is Complete!!!!!!

Well--- at long last-- the monster is finished. After much angst and anguish, along with lots of stopping and hating and starting again, I have finished Clapotis or the Clapogan as my little project has been titled. In case anyone has forgotton, I started this KAL project before I obtained yarn that I ordered specifically for the project from Brooks Farm. I couldn't wait, so I grabbed a hank of Red Heart and went to town. I thought I would just explore the pattern, but then I never stopped. Because of the weight of the yarn, I increased to a 10.5 needle. I also knit at such a loose gauge that a truck could drive through my stitches. All thoughts such as the potential size of the finished project flew out of my pointy little head. And so, I have this as a result!! Please note the computer, legal files, magazines and other assorted stuff. This photo was taken on my queen sized desk.

What a monster!!! it is almost 8 feet long.

I swear, these ladders are over an inch long.

The weather here was so great this weekend, I had to buy a little something for my mental health. Probably still too early, but I bought these at my local big box hardware store. I got another camelia, a coreopsis, several hostas and some carnations. I just have to decide where to put them.

This terrible mess is my perennial garden, with the roses in the background.

I don't think that you are allowed to have a blog if you don't show gratuitis pictures of your pets. This is Leo the wonderdog, whom we believe to be part ferret. He is an Italian Greyhound, the only dog bred solely for companionship. He has a high body temp so that he can keep you warm during the harsh winters in your castle.

This, in keeping with the Italian theme, is Da Vinci-- now 9 months old. We just call him Vinci. He refuses to allow me to work on any project at my desk (bed) without sticking his head into my lap. I have given up trying to discourage him and just think of him as this strange body part over which I have no control.

This is what my Hubby dearest brought me when he got home from work. Its a gimlet with a sugared strawberry. I, who work from my bed most days, have done a terrific job in training my dh. He slaves away at the office all day, then brings me a cocktail. Could life get any better??

Monday, March 14, 2005

Work day

Although I had to do a lot of work today, mostly composing Interrogatories in a Medical Malpractice case, which I hate, I did get to knit a little. I have now dropped 9 stitches on the Clappygan. I have some serious questions with respect to the decrease section. I am going to ask the gang on the KAL if they have done the decrease rows early. I absolutely love having a resource like this. Also, because I work at home, I really feel like I have friends calling me all day. Until I resolve the questions about decreases, I think I will work on Ruana the Expensive. She is really pretty, but at what price???

My Clappy is bigger than your Clappy!! Posted by Hello

This beautiful thing is my first camelia. I am going straight to the nursery to get more of these. I think this is my new favorite flower---- although Roses are always tough to beat. I pruned all 25 of my rose bushes this weekend. It was hard since they have been budding leaves since February. I cut everything down to approximately 12 to 14 inches. This is the first year I have ever had the nerve to actually prune. I always wait too long and cannot cut any branches that have growth on them. Accordingly, all the bushes are ugly and leggy looking. Pictures will follow-- in about 6 weeks!! We will see if I am successful in producing a bumper crop of beautiful roses this year. Posted by Hello

For all of you wishing for spring, I have to show you part of my front yard. Jealous? Here is another wonderful part of spring-- Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

This is a bag of my own design made out of recycled sari silk. I started Unbiased, but did not like how it was looking. I have an Icord somewhere to make this into a drawstring bag. I used black cotton along with the pretty stuff to make the bag. Posted by Hello

This is the beginnings of Ruana from Folk Shawls. Posted by Hello

The Clappy from Hell

This is the red hearted monster!!! Posted by Hello I have dropped only 5 stitches, but this thing is huge. the picture in on a queen size bed. I think that I might finish it just to prove that I can. I clearly did not consider the gauge of the yarn or the size of the needles that I used. Maybe my kids will love to sleep under this thing.

I have several other photos to show, but have no idea if I know how to work the software.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Clapotis from Hell

This has to be the ugliest Blog on the planet. I really am going to learn how to post photos and how to change the look of this thing so that it is more interesting. I am hooked on reading knitting blogs. I really would like to have a decent one myself.

I have been working feverishly on my Crappy Clappy. I made a non-choice and started the thing with Red Heart in 100% pure acrylic. I just giant weight yarn with huge needles (10.5) and my tension is so loose that a truck could drive throught the stitches. I am going to take credit for doing the first Clappy afgan. I promise I will try to take a picture tomorrow. You will not believe how big it is, and I am just now dropping the 6th ladder. I have to start the decreases soon!!

I really think that I might just have to put the monster away and go back to working on Ruana from Folk Shawls. I have spent a fortune buying different yarns for this shawl. I definately will be more likely to wear it (judging at this point anyway) than my crappy clappy.
Wish me luck-

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Back to Life

Well, my friend died. I was so mad at him for drinking himself to death that I could not mourn. I finally broke on Monday afternoon and cried until after the memorial service on Tuesday. I spoke about our college days and my dh sang Friends by Elton John and Imagine. Strange day.

I have turned into a serial starter. Rather than work on Clapotis, I have started the Ruana from Folk Shawls in two different sizes. Really dumb decision. I am so worried about my Clapotis and my inability to produce twisted stitches, that I have not been able to continue on it. I have learned that I knit Eastern Combined, whatever the heck that means. My mother always told me that I knitted backwards, which really made me afraid to knit. Generally, I don't think that my way of knitting is a problem, except when you need to have twisted stitches. I am going to try dropping one of the stitches on Clappy and see if it works. If not, I guess I start over. Wish me luck.