Thursday, March 17, 2005

Off to Dallas

Not much to say today. I am working on the appeal of a property settlement in a divorce action. I hate working on anything to do with divorce. Nothing brings out greed and averous like money and family-- or ex-family as the case may be. I am bored with everything that I am currently knitting and at very loose ends with Clappygan finished. Why is it that when you are working on something that you are bound and determined to finish, every other project calls your name? I want to work on my Ruana, but it takes so many different yarns, it is not really portable and I need something to work on in the car. Dallas is just over 3 hours away, so some good sitting and knitting time.

Last words about the Clappygan, then I am moving on for sure. I used almost three full skeins of Red Heart. That is a lot of yarn. I did all the increase rows as the pattern requires. After dropping the 9th ladder, I started the decrease sections-- worked completely according to the pattern. I probably would be over 10 feet long if I had completed all of the straight rows as written.

I Need Inspiration!!!! I'll let you know how the weekend with the kiddo and DH in Dallas turns out. We will probably spend every waking minute at Dave & Buster's.

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alice said...

that clappygan, WOW! i'm almost inspired to make one so rediculous as that myself... heh. i'd make it a bit shorter, and turn it into a kids blanket. oh i wish you had left an email address on my blog so i could contact you!! i appreciated your advice on the male-situation... and watch out in the next day or two for questions. i've got to take some time to read your blog to come up with just the right questions...