Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Secret Pal

I got two packages from my secret pal today. They were pretty interesting and full of stuff. I have mailed my secret pal some challenges. First, I sent lace weight yarn and a lace pattern book. Next I sent sock yarn and DPNs. My final challenge to her was dishcloths. I sent cotton yarn and a pattern book.

I cannot figure out how to put the pictures in my posts anymore. I have taken lots of pictures and done lots of knitting. I have a picture of the Melon Shawl that I finished from the cover of the Victorian Lace book but I cannot post it. I also took a picture of the packages I received but ..... no pictures. I am completely hooked on lace but I think that I am going to try some cables just for fun. I, like the rest of the knitting world, always have some socks on the needle. My boys love those hand-knitted socks.