Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Clappy from Hell

This is the red hearted monster!!! Posted by Hello I have dropped only 5 stitches, but this thing is huge. the picture in on a queen size bed. I think that I might finish it just to prove that I can. I clearly did not consider the gauge of the yarn or the size of the needles that I used. Maybe my kids will love to sleep under this thing.

I have several other photos to show, but have no idea if I know how to work the software.


Kathleen said...

came here via the yahoo caloptis group. wow. that is a huge clapotis. i have seen some attractive ones in the red heart though!

Cheryl said...

Your Red Heart is a pretty choice in colour but yes I do agree, it is huge!!! Well as an afghan, it wouldn't be so bad. At least the pattern goes quickly. I too came here via the Yahoo group, cause I just had to see the giant Clapotis!