Thursday, March 03, 2005

Back to Life

Well, my friend died. I was so mad at him for drinking himself to death that I could not mourn. I finally broke on Monday afternoon and cried until after the memorial service on Tuesday. I spoke about our college days and my dh sang Friends by Elton John and Imagine. Strange day.

I have turned into a serial starter. Rather than work on Clapotis, I have started the Ruana from Folk Shawls in two different sizes. Really dumb decision. I am so worried about my Clapotis and my inability to produce twisted stitches, that I have not been able to continue on it. I have learned that I knit Eastern Combined, whatever the heck that means. My mother always told me that I knitted backwards, which really made me afraid to knit. Generally, I don't think that my way of knitting is a problem, except when you need to have twisted stitches. I am going to try dropping one of the stitches on Clappy and see if it works. If not, I guess I start over. Wish me luck.

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