Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back from Atlanta

Now that I am no longer traveling, I am staying in some major luxury hotels lately. In Denver, we stayed at the Peabody. The room was not very great, but the hotel amenities were terrific. Both of the bars in the hotel were really nice-- of course, we went to both of them-- and we had the most amazing meal at a French restaurant in Downtown.
In Atlanta, we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Bucktown. We stayed on the Club level. Drinks available all day, as well as breakfast with Bubbly, lunch with wine, snacks with cocktails (seeing a pattern here) dessert with cordials. Although we left the hotel for dinner, we pretty much stayed in the hotel the rest of the time. Although I helped with the preparation for the deposition (the reason we were there), we saved our client a few bucks and I didn't attend the show. I stayed in the hotel-- imagine why!!! I tried to get to a LYS that I read about on the internet, but a sudden thunderstorm forced me back to the Club room. There is not much that I like better than a crafting opportunity, but I was OK with the Club room.
Although I really did not enjoy the experience of my first clappy, I decided to do another. I'm not really sure why. The first one was my first experience with so many knitting rules. I have always been a strange knitter; my mother claimed that I knitted backwards and would never help me with anything. When I started Clappy, I learned about twisted stitches. At the time, it didn't occur to me that all my stitches were twisted, so I struggled to learn a new way to knit. With the second, I did more thinking-- or should I say less thinking. Once again, for some reason I chose acrylic again, even though I have loads of really nice yarns. This time, I just knit like I wanted to. All I have to do is knit 5, then purl 1. I only pay attention when it is time to make a new stitch or drop an old one. So much more enjoyable. I started the decreases yesterday and, of course, cannot wait to finish. Socks are next up, but I have vowed not to start anything new until I finish Clappy. This one is really going to be a shawl!!!!


Leah said...

For someone who is not traveling this year, it sounds like you sure are getting around.

Love the second stab at Clapotis, btw!

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