Friday, April 15, 2005

We are Not Traveling This Year!!!

I swear, his magesty and I swore that we would not travel as much this year as we have in the past. Last year, we went to England during March, France and Italy during August and Las Vegas at least three times. This is in addition to any business travel. So far this year, the year of not traveling, we have gone to Denver (Appellate argument), Philadelphia (Mass Tort Seminar) Dallas (Spring Break), Memphis (Mediation), Las Vegas (Golf Tournament) and Dallas again (Mass Tort Seminar). This week we leave for Atlanta, another mediation, next week we go back to Dallas so hubby can play in a golf tournament with my father. We are planning to go to Las Cabo in August as our family vacation. Where in the world do you think we might go between now and then? I am afraid to think about it.


Deanna Kaiser said...

I live north of Memphis. Would not live there but do shop down off Poplar at a yarn shop call Yarniverse. Great shop. One of the teachers once worked for Vogue and designs great stuff. Several really great yarn shops in the same region. You were just in the wrong part of town.

Leah said...

Sounds great Bev. I also have made recent sock commitments, so maybe you can help me out with my technique.

I have another friend who would probably like to join us, and I think your numbers will probably increase from there.

This weekend maybe? The weather sould be nice. Unless you have a better way to arrange things, give my office a call at 405-636-7625.

Tell them I am expecting you so they will find me and get me to the phone.

This should be fun.