Sunday, November 19, 2006

Late again

Once again, I have let loads of time go by without posting. I have been really busy knitting away on several projects from the new Victorian Lace book. I am currently working on the Melon Shawl, done unimaginatively in the exact same yarn and same color as the pattern calls for. Not too exciting, but I really liked the lime green color and I was able to buy four balls of yarn from a new LYS in Norman at the last football game.

In keeping with my lace obsession, I sent my SP9 person a lace pattern book and some lace weight yarn. I think that she is a fairly new knitter, so I am going to send a "challenge" for her each time. Obviously, the first challenge was lace. The next will be socks.

I got some interesting knitting needles from my pal. I don't think that I have ever seen dpns quite so long. Among other things, there were several sets of long dpns, including some that were huge. I'll have to keep these around for some special project.

I'll try to post some pictures next time. Maybe the melon shawl will be done by then.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you liked the DPN's :)

You have 2 packages in the mail :)


Kerry said...

It's been a couple weeks since you've blogged. An update would be nice. ;-)