Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Secret Pal

I got two packages from my secret pal today. They were pretty interesting and full of stuff. I have mailed my secret pal some challenges. First, I sent lace weight yarn and a lace pattern book. Next I sent sock yarn and DPNs. My final challenge to her was dishcloths. I sent cotton yarn and a pattern book.

I cannot figure out how to put the pictures in my posts anymore. I have taken lots of pictures and done lots of knitting. I have a picture of the Melon Shawl that I finished from the cover of the Victorian Lace book but I cannot post it. I also took a picture of the packages I received but ..... no pictures. I am completely hooked on lace but I think that I am going to try some cables just for fun. I, like the rest of the knitting world, always have some socks on the needle. My boys love those hand-knitted socks.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you got the packages!!


KnitNana said...

blogger has a little button on the "create post" screen that should let you post a photo - but I had some trouble with my security software for awhile and had to use Picasa (which I loathe) - then I don't know, something changed and I could post photos thru blogger without using Picasa again!
This is all pretty esoteric to me, so I'm not much help, but would LOVE to see your photos!

Ruinwen said...

Sounds beautiful!