Thursday, April 27, 2006

My How Time Flys

I always intend to post all kinds of things here on this little portion of what seems like outer space to me, but somehow I rarely get around to actually doing it. This picture on the side is the Flower Basket Shawl that I did in a cotton and sent out for a shawl exchange. Below is my Kiri Shawl that I did in Kidsilk Haze.

My life has been a little crazy over the last year since I am the mother of an unhappy child, but.......... (I don't want to say this too loud) I think we are over the hump and he has started regaining some of his formerly personable self. We have had much strife over the college selection process with our older boy. He is a talented debater and is leaving tomorrow for the National Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Ky. Only the best 72 teams in the country are included in the tournament.

As a result of his debate success, he recieved scholarship offers to both Wake Forest and the University of Texas at Austin. Although both schools are great, the cost difference between the two is huge. Also, UT has an enrollment of 50,000, while Wake has 4200 students. He was awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Special Distinction at Wake, but that still left 30k a year to be paid by us. UT would require under 10k. At the last minute, Wake came through with a pretty good academic scholarship that evened out the disparity-- so he chose Wake. What a relief to have that over with.

This is what life is like at my house right now! The pool is heated and we are proceeding like it is summer. Hopefully, I'll post again soon.


Ruinwen said...

Your shawls are lovely! You are very talented!

I'm happy that things are going better for your son.


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