Thursday, March 09, 2006


Maybe I found them? This is the Crazy Eight that I did a month or two ago. Given the bulky nature of the yarn, two strands of some very nice cotton held together, I decided that I had to make it much longer to suit my ample personage. I am not quite as fat as this picture makes me look and the sweater is very nice.

Kiri-- Easy lace, wonderful fun.

I did this scarf for the International Scarf Exchange. It is the multidirectional scarf from the Yahoo Group out of Noro Silk Garden. It turned out well.


Ruinwen said...

Everything is so lovely! I love the color-way in the the MD scarf! And your shall is just beautiful!


??? said...

Yeah, Pictures!!!

Everything looks beautiful!

On another note...did you ever recieve your first package? I have the latest package ready to send, but I though since it's getting close to the end, that I'll just send one big package! Is that okay with you? Sorry that I'm leaving such a long post, but yahoo hasn't been letting me send out messages! Though, I'm still able to recieve emails through that account.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your Secret Pal