Monday, May 16, 2005

What a Pisser-- Warning, Ugly Picture

I was very happy to receive a very much wanted gift certificate to my favorite nail spa for Mother's Day. My kids did the thinking and the shopping!!! Amazing event in my family. Sooooo--- I went to get a wonderful spa pedicure on Saturday. I met a friend and we smuggled our Diet Coke and Vanilla Vodka drinks in Sonic Cups. I got a nice pink color and splurged for a painted flower. Lovely.
Here comes the pisser part. After leaving the nail place, I came home and got in the pool. You know, to enjoy a little sunshine. As we all know, brown fat looks much better than white fat. That is why we don't eat our pork chops medium rare. Wellllll, I have a couple of bad nails from tennis injuries, but didn't really think anything about it. I put one foot in the pool, a nail floated off and this is now my perfect pedicure.


Emily said...

Oh Bev,

So sorry to hear about your pedicure..bummer!

I do have some good news, I hope. I am your long, lost Bead-It secret pal. I finally sent a little package off to you. Be looking for it in the mail!


Anonymous said...

you get fake toenails?