Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad Secret Pal

Well, I was a little distracted this summer and did not do right by my "pal" in SP8. In fact, I never sent her anything. I intended to, I really did. I bought stuff. I bought boxes. I bought envelopes. I stacked all of this in my craft room and felt guilty about it. When I finally got my groove back--sending the oldest to college was far harder than I expected-- I put together what I considered to be a really good one time gift.

Then it got lost. And stayed lost. I started buying more stuff. I bought several things while I was in NYC, mostly at Knitty City. I had a great time in New York. Hubby had a one hour hearing that lasted two days. I had two days alone on the streets. I actually met one of my invisible friends from a list that I love. I swear, we were so compatible, you would never have believed that we had never met before.

Anyway, I digress.Today-- the box returned! Two numbers in the zip code were transposed. It went out again today, this time with receipt. The irony was that I had put together a couple of things in an evelope, not nearly enough, and addressed it (but had not sent it). I also packed a little something for my SP9 pal-- timely, I might add. I finished my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange and packed it. I am finally on the ball, at least for this week.


Shelby said...

I'm so glad it returned! It is so sad when things get lost in the black hole of the postal service. I hope your pal gets it soon and loves everything!

Signe said...

Hi Bev,

Did you receive my last package?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe you'd treat your SP8 so poorly. They say better late than never..I guess. I did SP7 and my pal blew me off the way you did to yours and it really broke my heart. I get that people just get busy, believe me, but next time DO NOT PARTICIPATE if you can't keep up your end of the bargain.

Its just not fair.