Saturday, February 04, 2006

How can it be February?

I would love to be a smart, witty blogger that everyone read everyday, but I have decided that it will never happen. I love to read blogs and waste much time doing so. I can't figure out how to use blog lines so I just jump randomly all over the planet. Time can sure get away when I do this. I mostly write for a living-- as a lawyer-- and of course I think that the Great American Novel is inside me somewhere. But I won't be a great blogger.

Today, things are good with me. My kids are at a debate tournament in Norman. My youngest son is a novice, freshman. My oldest son has already qualified for the National Tournament of Champions, to be held in Kentucky in May. His school has really been concentrating on the national debate circuit and ignoring the local in-state tournments. Consequently, neither of them have qualified for the State Tournament. The oldest will have no problem, but the youngest, is working hard to get there. Because he was the Oklahoma State debate champion last year, we are really hopeful that he can repeat.

I am knitting like a fiend lately. I wait to blog until after I take pictures, but then I don't take the pictures, so I don't blog-- got that? Really, I just knit and work, with a game of tennis here and there. I am working on my hat for the International Scarf Exchange. I did the scarf several months ago, but couldn't decide on the hat. I have finally completed about half the hat, now I cannot find the second ball of yarn necessary to complete the thing. I will be late, I guess I am always late. I did send secret pal gifts out on time this month, although I cheated and ordered stuff to be sent directly. This counts, I believe.

I am going to see the Hornets play the Lakers tonight and am thinking about wearing my newly completed Cable-Eight Top from the Spring Knits. I love this top. I made one or two repeats longer to balance the bulk-- inevitable in my size-- and I think that it turned out well. Picture? Maybe tomorrow.