Sunday, October 09, 2005

Somehow the Summer got away from me.

Well, it is now fall. I didn't write all summer. I am going to do better. I knit lots of stuff this summer that did not fit. In keeping with my pattern, I knit two giant sweaters. I did knit a wierd little cotton tape sweater from a Rowan book. It's ok, but I haven't brought myself to wear it. Maybe I will put it on and put a picture up soon. I just started the third ball of Kid Silk oon my Kiri. I think that I will finish it soon. I should be done, but made lots of mistakes in the first third and ripppppped the whole thing out and started over. I'm pretty proud that I didn't abandon the project. I am really good at abandonment.

In other news, we found out today that my oldest boy got a 31 on the ACT!! I am the mother of at least one smart boy-- although we think that if he uses his brain, the second son is actually smarter. Son 2, age 14, is currently crabby, having broken his wrist during a roll down a hill. It is a bad break and will require at least 4 months in a cast. He is probably going to miss tennis season this year. He also has the singular ability to keep our whole household in an uproar. If he isn't happy, none one is happy.

My oldest is thinking about going to the University of Texas. The debate department is interested in him and has made a scholarship offer. Not great, but not bad. It's not like he is a football player. Academics are so under-rated by colleges that it is sad. Anyway, we are embarking on the college exploration. I hope that the journey is both fun and fruitful.


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Hi Bev
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